Author: Mark Brooks

  Branding proposal for Octagon, Chase’s new exclusive credit card. Octagon is a leading luxury brand serving its members as an intrepid guide, cultural connoisseur and connected curator. Octagon offers a deeply informed perspective about what’s truly relevant to its members ensuring a forward-looking pursuit of the extraordinary through meaning, quality and newness. Project commissioned […]

Series of illustrations for the first virtual Adobe 99U Conference held on the Behance platform. Project in collaboration with alademosca.

Concepts and design execution for the launch of Cupra’s all-new electric automobiles Born and Formentor campaign. Project commissioned by &Rosas Barcelona.

  Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) addressees misinformation through digital content provenance. CAI is a community of media and tech companies, NGOs, academics, and others working to promote adoption of an open industry standard for content authenticity and provenance.  

Marta is the natural evolution of a letter designed to illustrate an interview with designer and type/lettering artist, Marta Cerdà, for the Adobe 99U Magazine. From the initial letter M, the rest of numbers and letters unfolded to become a typeface named after her.