Barcelona/New York City

Mark Brooks is graphic designer and art director based in New York City. He specializes in branding, graphic design, and art direction developing projects that call for identity design/branding, editorial design, typography, and illustration. Born in Barcelona he moved to New York City in 2007 where he currently works as a freelance creative. Mark has worked for clients such as Nike, Adobe, Martini, The New York Yankees, Audi, Cupra, Estrella Damm, Club Razzmatazz, and Magro Cardona among others. He also worked as Brand/Design Director for the Behance Network and Creative Director for 99U and has had the privilege of participating in design conferences, exhibits, and lectures in various countries. Say Hi.

  • Featured Work

    Dot, Line, Shape: The Basic Elements of Design. 2019. Hong Kong. Victionary
    PIE Books. Graphic and Spacial Design for Exhibitions, Events, and Pop-up Shows. 2019. Tokyo, Japan. PIE International
    PIE Books. The Enchantment of Comprehensive Design. 2019. Tokyo. PIE International
    PIE Books. Less Colors, More Impact. 2015. Tokyo. PIE International
    R. Klanten & A. Sinofzik. Start Me Up!. 2015. Berlin. Gestalten
    Behance. Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work. 2015. New York. Gestalten
    CITIX60. Barcelona. 2014. Hong Kong. Victionary
    Nick Carson. Computer Arts #156. 2014. London. Future
    Poster. 2014. Barcelona. Index Book
    Vivian Toh. Cut Out Vol 04 Issue 01. 2013. Kuala Lumpur. The Kraft Store
    Miquel Abellan. BCNSLCTD / Barcelona Designers. 2013. Barcelona. Monsa
    Stargazer Calendar. 2013. Berlin. Gestalten
    John Foster. New Masters of Posters Design Vol 2. 2012. Beverly, Mass. Rockport
    Black and White. 2012. Hong Kong. Victionary
    Sylvie Estrada. Logo Book. 2012. Barcelona. Index Book
    Black and White. 2012. Hong Kong. Victionary
    R. Klanten & H. Hellige. Echoes of the Future. 2012. Berlin. Gestalten
    Maggie Macnab. Design by Nature. 2012. Berkeley, CA. New Riders
    R. Klanten, H. Hellige, A. Mollard, A. Sinofzik. Los Logos 6. 2012. Berlin. Gestalten
    R. Klanten & H. Hellige. The Modernist. 2011. Berlin. Gestalten
    Graphic Simplicity. 2011. Tokyo. Pie Books
    Not For Sale / For Promo Only. 2011. Hong Kong. Victionary
    Nick Carson. Computer Arts #148. 2011. London. Future
    Miquel Abellán. Graphic Beats. 2010. Barcelona. Monsa
    El Duende Magazine Special Issue #100. 2010. Madrid. Grupo Duende
    Two Points. I Love Avantgarde. 2010. Hong Kong. Victionary
    Logo Talks. 2010. Seoul. Artpower
    Brand! Vol 3. 2010. Hong Kong. ooogo
    Touch Branding. 2010. Hong Kong. Artpower

  • Forewords

    Vectorism. 2011. Hong Kong — Victionary
    Graphic Design. 2016. New York — Brink Publishing

  • Lectures, Workshops & Master - classes

    Art School 10
    Madrid, December 2017
    Masterclass and Conference on Career Orientation and Portfolio Creation

    European Institute of Design
    Barcelona, November 2017
    Masterclass on Creative Careers and Editorial Design

    Sitges Next
    Festival of Innovation in Communication
    Sitges, May 2017
    Conference title “Exploring the Future of Communication”

    City College of New York
    New York City, March 2017
    Masterclass on Career Development in the Creative Industry

    Elisava. Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
    Barcelona, January 2017
    Masterclass on Graphic Design and Portfolio Creation

    Adobe MAX 2016
    San Diego, California. October, 2016
    Conference title “Ten Ways to Build an Incredible Creative Career”

    ING Creatives
    Design and Creativity Festival
    Dubai, May 2016
    Conference title “Find Your Way in the Design World”
    Workshop title “How to Create a Killer Portfolio”

    City College of New York
    New York City, April 2016
    Masterclass on How to Build a Solid Portfolio

    University of Barcelona
    Barcelona, February 2015
    Conference on How to Start as a Professional Designer

    Serra Abella Art and Design School
    Barcelona, 2009 — 2015
    2009 Lecture on Design and Music
    2010 Lecture on the Role of Typography in Graphic Design
    2012 Workshop on Packaging
    2014 Lecture on Art Direction in Advertising
    2014 Member of the jury for the City’s Shield Identity Design.
    2015 Lecture on International Freelance Work

    Illa Art and Design School
    Sabadell, 2015
    Conference on How to Build a Career as a Graphic Designer

    University of Barcelona — Dept. of Fine Arts and Design
    Barcelona, 2013
    Conference title “Become an International Designer”

    Adobe Behance Portfolio Review
    Barcelona, October 2012

    Pau Gargallo Art and Design School
    Barcelona, 2010 — 2011
    2010 Lecture on Visual Language, Methodology and the Visual Art in Music.
    2011 Lecture on the First Steps as a Professional Designer

  • Interviews

    Graffica Magazine
    Spain, October 2019

    Jun, Paul. Creative Mornings
    New York, April 2017

    Behance Portfolio Review Live
    Interview on how to create a great portfolio
    San Francisco, 2017

    TV3 — Catalan National Television
    Interview on the future of design and communication
    Barcelona, May 2015

    Xarxa TV Network
    Interview on Design Thinking Process and the Meaning of Success
    Barcelona, May 2015

    Hall, Troy. July 2014
    Wild, Julia. Jul 2013
    Smart, Sean. Jan 2012
    Flyer Heroes Oct 2011
    Foster, John. New Masters of Poster Design Vol II Aug. 2011